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Tragaluz | Elena Poniatowska

Fluye sabiduría a más no poder.


Fabiola Gianotti | The Discoverer

Fabiola Gianotti. TIME.
Fabiola, the discoverer.

The announcement caused the kind of global sensation you don’t always see in response to a scientific discovery, and three names earned an equally unusual level of fame — Gianotti, who headed one of the experiments that confirmed the Higgs; her colleague Joe Incandela, who led the other; and Rolf Heuer, the research director of CERN.
It was Gianotti who perhaps received the most attention, principally for her leadership role and her manifest gifts but occasionally for a reason as predictable as it is misguided: her gender.
Physics is a male-dominated field, and the assumption is that a woman has to overcome hurdles and face down biases that men don’t.

But that just isn’t so. Women in physics are familiar with this misconception and acknowledge it mostly with jokes. Of course there are many women in leadership positions at CERN, said one physicist. Why do you think the experiments have been so successful? If you want to know the real reason Gianotti, 51, deserves the attention she’s gotten lately, you need to get to know her better.

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Iowa State, Argonne physicist wins presidential award for neutrino research

Felicidades Mayly!

AMES, Iowa – Mayly Sanchez of Iowa State University and the Argonne National Laboratory has won a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the White House announced today.

The award is the highest honor awarded by the United States government to science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their research careers. Sanchez was nominated for the award by the National Science Foundation, which is supporting her work with a five-year, $709,000 grant from its Faculty Early Career Development Program.

“Discoveries in science and technology not only strengthen our economy, they inspire us as a people.” President Barack Obama said. “The impressive accomplishments of today’s awardees so early in their careers promise even greater advances in the years ahead.”

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Empty Streets | Late Night Alumni

Empty streets after midnight.. d-.-b Sad song. Beautiful vocals of Becky Jean Williams

If the smile’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see is broken.

If the smile’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see how is broken.

How is broken.